About Spires

Rob & Spires Church Publicity

Rob has been working professionally, as a designer and a teacher for 20+ years. He is passionate about design and has a heart for church marketing as a tool for churches to use to help grow congregations and attract younger generations to faith in Christ Jesus. His professional design and development skills enable him to work thoughtfully and creatively. All Rob’s work is fuelled by creativity and prayer and designed in-house.

Rob works with churches of all denominations and traditions, offering them all the same attention to detail and providing them with exactly what they need and when they need it. He has held a variety of managerial posts in schools and churches so understands the importance of meeting deadlines and working within agreed budgets and timescales.

For 5+ years Rob has been designing publicity and marketing materials for the church he attends. This experience has taught him the value of working closely with the clergy and those in positions of responsibility.

After 5 years of running the show Rob is now working with a reinvigorated publicity team who are keen to develop a sustainable model of publicity production through training groups and coaching individuals.